ID, was (More on list attributes, <HR> -Reply)

Charles Peyton Taylor (
Fri, 17 May 1996 16:09:30 -0800

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Date: Fri, 17 May 1996 16:09:30 -0800
From: Charles Peyton Taylor <>
Subject:  ID, was (More on list attributes, <HR> -Reply)

What I said:	

>CLASS I can see as being useful, and at least somewhat
>backward compatible.  ID, on the other hand, was used
>in HTML 3 for creating an anchor, a lot like <a Name="">
>I don't think ID should be in Cougar until browsers
>support it.

What Warren said:

>>> >Warren Steel <> 05/17/96 01:40pm >>>
>   If Charles says ID= is little used, and of little use, then
>let it die, or at least rest in hope of later resurrection.
>Warren Steel              
>Department of Music              University of Mississippi
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I can see how you thought I meant that ID was
not useful, because I said "class is useful 
and backward compatible" and then I said "ID,
on the other hand .." but that is not what I

What I meant:

ID would be very useful if it were implimented in 
all browsers the way it is in UDI-WWW or (I think) 
Arena.  It is, however, not very backwards-compatible.
Like, not at all.  Furthermore, and I think Dan Connelly
said something to this effect, if it were in the spec,
the real spec, people would think they could do things 

<h1 id="beginning"></h1> 

and then later  

<a href="beginning"></a>

BTW: something I think would make ID very useful 
would be some kind of program that built a table
of contents out in a document based on headings,
adding links to those headings that had ID 

for example, take this html markup:

<h1 id=beginning> Spam: What it's Done for the 
Economy </h1>
<p> text
<h2 id="US"> Spam in the US Market </h2>
<p> text
<h2> Spam in Continental Europe </h2>
<p> text
<h3 id="Scand"> Spam in Scandinavia </h3>
<p> text <h4> Norwegian Blue</h4>
<h3> Spam in Spain </h3>
<h2 ID="ack" > Acknowledgements </h2>
<P> blame Monty Python

and make this list:
<UL plain>
<LH><a href="beginning"> Spam: What it's Done for the 
Economy </a>
<li> <a href="US"> Spam in the US Market </a>
<LI> Spam in Continental Europe 
    <li> <a href="Scand"> Spam in Scandinavia </a>
        <h4> Norwegian Blue</h4>
    <LI> Spam in Spain 
<LI> <a href="ack" > Acknowledgements </a>

Notice that those headers with ID attributes 
are linked, those without are not.