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Thu, 16 May 1996 16:28:49 +0200

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Shawn Steele <> wrote
> I'd like to also include my vote for the <BANNER> tag.  It's simpler
> than using frames and it would save me some space on my pages.  (Most
> web pages out there have a banner-like bar of links on top & some have
> them on the bottom too for those users who scroll to the bottom but are=

> too lazy to go back to the top to pick another link.
> =

> Of course as per my previous message I'd like to see some sort of
> client <INCLUDE> tag to work with this as well to save even more
> bandwidth !:)
> =

> - shawn
> =

I fully concur, even though that means that I'll have to change my 500 =

documents *again* ... -it'll save me a lot of time in the long run.
-- =

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