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Foteos Macrides (
Tue, 14 May 1996 14:51:09 -0500 (EST)

Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 14:51:09 -0500 (EST)
From: Foteos Macrides <>
Subject: Re: Tabs, was: Re: For the future - requests for the W3C (fwd)
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Charles Peyton Taylor <> wrote:
>One of the things in this discussion on tabs 
>(and indeed on every discussion on the topic
>that I've seen here and on CIWAH) that has 
>eluded me is what, exactly, people mean when they
>say "indentation".

	Appended is the tabtest.html distributed with Lynx2-5.
It illustates use of TAB within various blocking elements to
create pseudo-tables.  Although, TABLEs are "just text",
implementing them would require a far more substantial rewrite
of Lynx than is planned by anyone, at present.  The elimination
of TAB from 3.2 is not a "serious" problem, since 3.0 can still
be referenced.  But please don't break it, unless it's *really*
necessary.  Here's the rendition, though the lines will be
shifted and wrapped by the hypermail gateway, should somebody,
someday, read this message via the WWW-HTML archive.  The Lynx
implementation treats en units as half a character cell width
(160 for an 80-column screen)

                             Tests of TAB element.
        Normal Style:
   One       Two      Three    Four     Five     Six      Seven   Eight
   1.        2.       3.       4.       5.       6.       7.      8.
   i.        ii.      iii.     iv.      v.       vi.      vii.    viii.
        In PRE block:
One          Two               Three             Four             Five
1.           2.                3.                4.               5.
i.           ii.               iii.              iv.              v.

        In BQ block:
     One              Two               Three             Four
     1.               2.                3.                4.
     i.               ii.               iii.              iv.
   noctambulant - walking at night
       (from Latin: nox noctis night + ambulare walk)
|                                      |                                      |
0                                     80                                    158


 Foteos Macrides            Worcester Foundation for Biomedical Research
 MACRIDES@SCI.WFBR.EDU         222 Maple Avenue, Shrewsbury, MA 01545

<title>Tests of TAB element.</title>
<link rev="made" href="">

<h1>Tests of TAB element.</h1>

<TAB INDENT="16" ID="t0"><em>Normal Style:</em><br>
One<TAB INDENT="26" ID="t1">Two<TAB INDENT="44" ID="t2">Three
<TAB INDENT="62" ID="t3">Four<TAB INDENT="80" ID="t4">Five
<TAB INDENT="98" ID="t5">Six<TAB INDENT="116" ID="t6">Seven
<TAB INDENT="132" ID="t7">Eight<br>
1.<TAB TO="t1">2.<TAB TO="t2">3.<TAB TO="t3">4.<TAB TO="t4">5.
<TAB TO="t5">6.<TAB TO="t6">7.<TAB TO="t7">8.<br>
i.<TAB TO="t1">ii.<TAB TO="t2">iii.<TAB TO="t3">iv.<TAB TO="t4">v.
<TAB TO="t5">vi.<TAB TO="t6">vii.<TAB TO="t7">viii.

<p><pre><TAB TO="t0"><em>In PRE block:</em>
One<TAB TO="t1">Two<TAB TO="t3">Three<TAB TO="t5">Four<TAB TO="t7">Five
1.<TAB TO="t1">2.<TAB TO="t3">3.<TAB TO="t5">4.<TAB TO="t7">5.
i.<TAB TO="t1">ii.<TAB TO="t3">iii.<TAB TO="t5">iv.<TAB TO="t7">v.

<TAB TO="t0"><em>In BQ block:</em><br>
One<TAB TO="t2">Two<TAB TO="t4">Three<TAB TO="t6">Four<br>
1.<TAB TO="t2">2.<TAB TO="t4">3.<TAB TO="t6">4.<br>
i.<TAB TO="t2">ii.<TAB TO="t4">iii.<TAB TO="t6">iv.

<p><b>noct<TAB ID="tn">ambulant</b> - walking at night<br>
<TAB TO="tn">(from Latin: <i>nox noctis</i> night + <i>ambulare</i> walk)
<pre>|<TAB INDENT="78">|<TAB INDENT="156">|
0<TAB INDENT="76">80<TAB INDENT="152">158</pre>