Re: <H1 src="foo.gif">

Jonas Liljegren (
Sun, 12 May 1996 22:18:05 -0400

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Date: Sun, 12 May 1996 22:18:05 -0400
From: Jonas Liljegren <>
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Subject: Re: <H1 src="foo.gif">

> JL> It's often that a picture is used instead of a <h?> heading.  To
> JL> make it easier to do this, an atribute could be added to the <h?>
> JL> elements. The same effect could be done in other ways (by
> JL> including <object> or <fig>), but this would be a cleaner way to
> JL> represent a heading.
>  What's the difference between what you propose and
> <H1><IMG SRC="..." ALT="Don't forget me!"></H1>

The ALT text dosn't show like if it was H1. Also: It's realy not an image 
in the heading, its a text in the form of a image.

It could be done with FIG och OBJECT, but it would be more direct to 
include the SRC atribute in the <h?> elements.

(_/onas Liljegren