<H1 src="foo.gif">

Jonas Liljegren (a95jonas@student.adb.gu.se)
Sun, 12 May 1996 22:07:50 -0400

Message-Id: <31969976.4CC3@student.adb.gu.se>
Date: Sun, 12 May 1996 22:07:50 -0400
From: Jonas Liljegren <a95jonas@student.adb.gu.se>
To: WWW-HTML mailing list <www-html@w3.org>
Subject: <H1 src="foo.gif">

It's often that a picture is used instead of a <h?> heading.

To make it easier to do this, an atribute could be added to the <h?> elements. The same effect could be done in 
other ways (by including <object> or <fig>), but this would be a cleaner way to represent a heading.

In fact: We could make the src attribute availibel in every element that embraces blocks of text.

(_/onas Liljegren