Re: text on graphics?

Marcus E. Hennecke (
Fri, 10 May 1996 18:00:04 -0700

Date: Fri, 10 May 1996 18:00:04 -0700
From: (Marcus E. Hennecke)
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Re: text on graphics?

On Fri, 10 May 1996 17:34:59 -0700, (Walter Ian Kaye) wrote:
> At 11:43p 05/10/96, Abigail wrote:
> >You, Melt van Schoor wrote:
> >++ I'm wondering if anyone have ever thought about adding something to HTML
> >++ that would allow me to place a specific graphic BENEATH a specific object or
> >++ part of a document?
> >You could also (mis)use a table.

First of all, I should note that Abigail and Melt were probably talking
about two different things. I think Abigail was talking about captions
rather than background graphics.

> Mis-use? Since when is resourcefulness a bad thing?

It is not of course. However, you have to be sure to distinguish between
actual resources and certain browser features. I would call it a mis-use
if it would in any way limit my audience. This may happen if I mark
something up as a table when in fact it is not.

> The hallmark of a cool
> application is when users can make it do things which the developers never
> dreamed of.

Well, then you have just narrowed yourself to that particular application.
However, if you are talking about HTML you need to be aware that certain
"cool" tricks actually fail quite miserably when applied to a browser
that is in any way different from the author's (e.g. different browser,
different platform, different configuration).

Of course, you can do on your homepage whatever you want to and if you
want to limit your audience to Netscape 2.0, that's fine with me.

> On my personal home page ("Walter's Web"), I use a combination
> of Netscape frames and tables to create a scrolling list of graphic buttons
> which are overlaid with real text.

I just need to change the font size and your buttons start looking
awfully cramped or they do not line up anymore. However, I do hand
you this: at least I *can* set my font and font size, this would be
impossible if the buttons were actual images.

BTW, I am browsing in 14pt Lucida Sans Serif (B&H). It's much easier
on the eyes than 12pt Times.

Anyway, as I said before, style sheets would allow you to place a
background image behind any element, including links and thus give
you the desired effect.

Marcus E. Hennecke