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Thu, 9 May 1996 19:09:01 -0700

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Date: Thu, 9 May 1996 19:09:01 -0700
From: (Walter Ian Kaye)
Subject: Re: HTML 3.2 -Reply

At 11:26a 05/09/96, Charles Peyton Taylor wrote:
>Why implement *anything* that is done by
>the W3c if it's not implemented by whoever makes the
>dominant browser (right now it's Netscape, next year it
>could be Microsoft's, or even Oracle's.)

Oracle has a browser?!? Is this something proprietary for their "NC", or
something cross-platform designed to compete against Netscape and

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BTW, your .sig exceeds the wrap-width of your messages...
(extra space between C and h also)

At 2:51p 05/09/96, Scott E. Preece wrote:
>Because the folks writing the W3C drafts are the people defining where
>those maintstream browsers are going.  It's pretty reasonable to guess
>that stylesheets and OBJECT are coming in the fairly near future,
>because the people who are writing the public spec are also the people
>[or at least work for the same bosses as the people] implementing
>the spec.
>Look at the OS interfaces standardization arena.  Posix never had a
>prayer of reaching the scope that X/Open and the X Consortium, which
>have the same kind of members-only process as W3C, could.  A
>membership-supported organization can devote resource to doing the work
>that takes forever in a volunteer process and the member organizations
>have an incentive to devote staff to concentrating on the work, rather
>than thinking about it a couple of days before periodic meetings.  And
>the working groups can be small enough and expert enough that they can
>move much faster, with much less hunting.

I would hope that the browser makers at least read this www-html list...
ROLL CALL! Netscape? Microsoft? Are either of you still listening here???

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