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In message <3190C8E4@MSMAIL.INDY.TCE.COM>, Fisher Mark writes:
>Which I think is exactly the point.  The near future of HTML, as I see it:
>1) HTML 3.2 codifies existing practice, helping to produce DTD-driver 
>2) Style sheets are added.  BTW, Microsoft has publicly said they plan on 
>supporting CSS style sheets in a (relatively near future) release of 
>Internet Explorer 
>(<URL:>).  Netscape 
>undoubtably will not be far behind.
>3) The additional presentational control afforded by style sheets (over the 
>current tag soup) makes style sheets the preferred method of presentational 
>4) Eventually, presentational tags in HTML will fade away.

Bingo! At least one person drew the conclusions that we intended them
to draw from the HTML 3.2 release materials!

>Dan: is this list the right place for public comments on HTML 3.2 and later 
>versions (realizing, of course, that much development will occur within W3C 
>before public display of the specs)?

Yes. And is another relavent forum.