Re: Color Palette Spec?

Matthew James Marnell (
Fri, 03 May 1996 13:27:00 -0400

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Subject: Re: Color Palette Spec? 
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Date: Fri, 03 May 1996 13:27:00 -0400
From: Matthew James Marnell <>

:>Why should they be allowed to change the screen palette?  The display
:>is a shared resource which should be controlled by the OS.  Maybe it's
:>down to the fact that Netscape only runs on OSes which expect tasks to
:>do that and so it doesn't bother to try and use the existing palette.

Ah, but Netscape does attempt to use existing palette's on OS's such
as Unix.  It has an option "-install", which you can use to give it
it's own palette if it cannot acquire enough of the palette on startup
or if you don't want it using too much of your OS's palette.

This is yet another reason why palette defs should be in style sheets
as opposed to in the HTML itself.