Re: CDROM.COM & FixPack names?

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Wed, 01 May 96 10:58:21

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Date: Wed, 01 May 96 10:58:21 
Subject: Re: CDROM.COM & FixPack names?

On Wed, 01 May 1996 08:12:34 -0700, Steven Pigliavento wrote:

>Dear Group,
>	FTP'd to CDROM.COM/os2/patches/...  looking for .zip file for 
>these infamous FixPacks I keep hearing about.
>	Couldn't decipher which file would be the FixPack17 I keep 
>hearing about.  And how does a new Warp user even know if he or she needs 
>a FixPack -- I've experienced some problems, so therefore do I just 
>arbitrarily load up the most recent FixPack.
>	Would the Warp Pharmacy or some direct IBM site be a better place 
>to go?
>Steve P.

Because I couldn't find Fixpack 17 easily by myself, once I found it, I put it 
onto our ftp server at put/os2/OS2_Fix_Packs directory.

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