Re: animated .gifs (gif89a)

Walter Ian Kaye (
Fri, 29 Mar 1996 01:48:32 -0800

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Date: Fri, 29 Mar 1996 01:48:32 -0800
From: (Walter Ian Kaye)
Subject: RE: animated .gifs (gif89a)

At 4:38p 03/28/96, Jack Beslanwitch wrote:
>As it happens the newewst beta version of Netscape, Atlas, seems to take
>care of this problem.  I do not fine an explanation in the documentation,
>but it loads it once and continues to loop while the status message at the
>bottom says done and the animated Netscape icon at the top right stays
>quiet.  So that plus inline AVI, WAV, MDI, bgcolor in cells of tables, as
>well as a nifty looking audio conferencing and vrml plug in that come
>automatically included make the new Netscape look pretty good indeed.

Sounds like a Microsoft Windows-only version. (MDI?? That don't exist
anywhere else but MS's platform...unless that 'TLA' stands for more than
one thing.) But it's good to know that NCC became aware of the problem! :)

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