Re: animated .gifs (gif89a)

Kevin Buttler (
28 Mar 96 9:49:12

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From: Kevin Buttler <>
Date: 28 Mar 96  9:49:12 
Subject: Re: animated .gifs (gif89a)

MS Explorer 2.0 (for Windows 95 and NT) DOES NOT support aninated.gif yet.  
Support may be available in upcoming 3.0 release (which will support Java), 
wouldn't bet on it though.  On that note, does anyone know where one can find 
info on creating animated .gifs, and what tools are available for doing so.

kevin buttler

	porad @ (Scott Porad) 
03/28/96 09:51 AM
To: www-html @ @ Internet
Subject: animated .gifs (gif89a)

Does anyone know if MS Internet Explorer supports animated .gifs (gif89a)?
Didn't seem to on my machine, but it's a Mac and you know MS doesn't put
all their eggs in to Mac software.


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