Re: Popup windows: problems and some solutions

Heikki Vesalainen (
Fri, 22 Mar 1996 07:26:46 -0800

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Date: Fri, 22 Mar 1996 07:26:46 -0800
From: Heikki Vesalainen <>
To: Chris Josephes <>
Cc: The W3 HTML group <>
Subject: Re: Popup windows: problems and some solutions

Chris Josephes wrote:

> Your post to the previous digest clearly mentioned TARGET="_popup"

There has been a lot of talk after my first proposal on this subject.
And in the problems & solutions text that you replyed to I clearly said, 
that the targetting way will bring up problems with old browsers.

> But the point of the A element is to serve as an anchor.  I doubt that
> the NAME attribute will go away due to it's amount of usage, but <A 
> NAME> dosn't necessarily mean that the element will be a Footnote.  It
> could just be a target to another point in the document.

Well it should go.(and be replaced by ID)

> <FN> clearly identifies the selected text as a footnote.  Thus, the
> browser, serach robots, etc, etc, clearly understand the purpose of
> the enclosed text.

I think the browsers should know it's a popup window before they start 
loading it.  Actually they must know, because otherwise they will first 
clear the current page, then (as they receive the FN tag) they will have 
to redraw the page they just cleared and display the popup note into it.

If we declare it a popup window (and meaby it's dimensions) before the 
data is even received, the browsers won't have this problem.
> Huh?  You're saying <A NAME> dosn't require a closing </A>?  That 
> dosn't sound right.

I'm saying that officially the </A> is required, but think from the 
programmes point of view.  What would it do with it?  What practise would 
it have? NONE! In the <A HREF> tag they nead the </A> to determine, where 
the end of the sensitive area is, but with <A NAME> the case is 

> Tables mess up older browsers.  I'm not saying we should always jump on

Tables should not mess up old browsers (the data will just be displayed 
in the order it is in the HTML file).  If it does, then the old browsers 
are not good.  The use of FN will mess up even the good old browsers.

> If you're really concerned about implementing footnotes right now, you

I'm consearned about there being too many tags for nearly same purposes.

Heikki Vesalainen