Re: Browser maximum WIDTH & HEIGHT!

Mike Meyer (
Thu, 21 Mar 1996 08:28:47 PST

Subject:  Re: Browser maximum WIDTH & HEIGHT!
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From: (Mike Meyer)
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 1996 08:28:47 PST
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> >Only if I can turn it off! I choose the size of my windows. I very, very,
> I agree that the user should have the possibility to turn of window sizing.
> but I might have an other solution. How about adding an attribute to the
> body tag something like:
> This would not resize the window but would just render the page as if it
> was a 472 wide, leaving the right hand of the page blank. Now if the user
> has a smaller window than 472 the browser will render it as usual.

Same comment. The reason I choose the size of my windows carefully is
so that it matches the font to produce a comfortable length line to
read. Screwing with that makes documents harder to read. I notice
people abusing BLOCKQUOTE to get indents on body text (especially on
the browsers I prefer for longer texts, as they render BLOCKQUOTE as
italic); this wouldn't be any different.

Yes, CSS will let authors change margins. It will also let me override
the authors choices.

> Yes off course, but not for everything in every situation.
> Sometimes you want more control over layout to add meaning to the message.

Standard answer number 3261: If that's the case, use a medium suitable
to your message.  Wanting to control the margins in HTML is akin to
wanting to control the bliink rate of printed text.