Re: Popup windows with <TABLES>, <FOOTNOTES> and <DIV>?

Heikki Vesalainen (
Wed, 20 Mar 1996 17:18:22 -0800

Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 1996 17:18:22 -0800
From: Heikki Vesalainen <>
To: Charles Peyton Taylor <>
Cc: The W3 HTML group <>,
Subject: Re: Popup windows with <TABLES>, <FOOTNOTES> and <DIV>?

Charles Peyton Taylor wrote:

> But the problem with putting it into anchor tags
> is that <a> is a character-level tag, not a block
> tag, so this is okay:
> <P> <A> </A> </P>
> but this is not:
> <A> <P> </P> </A>

Hmm... anyway I must spend some time doing research on the subject... The 
printability of popup windows are something I haven't thought about, so I 
might refrase the whole proposal.

At the moment, I think the popups (or footnotes) should be printed apart 
from the the text (after) on a different paper/page.  Smart brosers could 
format the printed pages so that the popups (footnotes) would be printed 
on the bottom of the page they were refered to.

Anyway, your critic has been valuable!  

Heikki Vesalainen