Re: Browser maximum WIDTH & HEIGHT!

Carl Beeth (
Wed, 20 Mar 1996 11:32:16 +0100

Date: Wed, 20 Mar 1996 11:32:16 +0100
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From: (Carl Beeth)
Subject: Re: Browser maximum WIDTH & HEIGHT!

>Well the WIDTH and HEIGHT could be percentages of the "main" browser.
>Or then we can look up all the currently used screen modes, and the
>author of the page could determine.  In PC:s there are just a few
>(640*480), (800*600), (1024*768) and (1280*1024).

This is something I (and most designers I know) have been struggling with
for quite some time now.

The way I am working now is to use tables to force my layout to fit
approximately 480 Pixels. This is not a very elegant solution but it works.

Now why 480 pixels?
1) I suspect that most screens are more then 480 wide
2) on the MAC the Netscape new window defaults to 480 wide
3) I suspect that a lot of people that have large screens don t want to use
up all there screen real estate for a browser window (I have a 1280*1024
and have often several browser windows open side by side or windows from
other programs that I want to see at the same time I am browsing, such as
BBedit if I am designing).
4) most screens are around 72 pixels/inch so my page will fit with out
reduction when printed.
5) most advertising banners are 460-480, I guess they have at least put
some thought in to it.

the above are opinions that are not set in stone, in fact, I am still
trying to figure out what width to design on.

All this to say I would love a tag to control the width of a window.

Carl Beeth