Re: Popup windows with <TABLES>, <FOOTNOTES> and <DIV>?

Charles Peyton Taylor (
Tue, 19 Mar 1996 13:24:08 -0800

Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 1996 13:24:08 -0800
From: Charles Peyton Taylor <>
Subject:  Re: Popup windows with <TABLES>, <FOOTNOTES> and <DIV>? 

>>> Heikki Vesalainen <> 03/19/96 08:57am >>>
>(my original popup proposal is at
>> Is there a reason why ppl aren't looking at modifying
>> the target?  (ie. making a paragraph, table, or <div>
>> a pop-up regardless of where it's linked from.)
>Could you be more spesific?  If a table was a popup, when would it be  rendered
>(when would it pop up)?  How would you achieve the compatibility  with older
>versions, as all the browsers cannot be updated at once?

What I was thinking of was something like the <fn> element 
of the expired HTML 3 draft.  Or you might do something 
with styles.  Again, this gets simpler if things used the
ID attribute, but it could be accomplished with <a name>

Say, at the bottom a document you might have this:

<div class=footnote ID=morf_bear >
<h3> Teddy Bear Gender </h3>
<P> It is unclear, however, whether Rupurt regarded his
teddy bear as a male or female bear, or the effect this
might have had on childhood and his later developement.

and then in a stylesheet have something like this:

DIV.footnote { popup:yes; }

and then somewhere in the body of the document:

Rupert loved his teddy bear, which he always referred
to only as "bear" [<a href="morf_bear"><sup>1</sup></a>]

Of course, it's up to the browser author on how to 
implement it, but this is the way I would do it 
on a GUI browser: when the user clicks (or otherwise 
selects) "1" a small, borderless window appears containing 
everthing in <div> appears.  If necessary, vertical 
scroll bars allow for scrolling, but you don't really 
want a book in a foot note.  (Really, I'm looking 
for <fn>.)  When viewing the document on screen, 
the <div> is invisible, but when printed, it is on
the same page as the refering <a>.

If you are using windows 3.x, you can see what I mean
by going to the Program Mangager Help menu, selecting
Contents, then selecting "Arranging Windows and Icons",
then clicking on the section that reads "title bar".

>> I don't think opening a whole new window is the way to
>> go, partly since that's already availble from the user's
>> standpoint, (at least in Netscape.)
>Your thought isn't clear!  How can we have popup windows with out opening  a small
>new window for the purpose?

No, my thought wasn't clear.  What I meant was that
I didn't think it was necessary to start a whole new
browser, the way you would using the "open new window 
with this link" feature in Netscape. 

>The Netscape allways opens a new window the size of the old window.  You  cannot
>determine which size the new window would be.
>How about we add the Width and Height to A HREF tag?

Bad.  What If I'm using a 200x400 screen?  What if I'm 
using a 2000x4000 screen?  If you size it for the big 
screen, it looks bad on the small screen, and vice versa.

>ps. am I being too consearned with compatibility with the older browsers?
>--  Heikki Vesalainen