Re: Popup windows & style sheets

Mike Meyer (
Mon, 18 Mar 1996 16:04:48 PST

Subject:  Re: Popup windows & style sheets
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From: (Mike Meyer)
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 1996 16:04:48 PST
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>  From: Bert Bos <>
> | - if the pop-up contains a hyperlink and the user selects it, where
> |   should the result go?
> ---
> Should be specifiable (display-in: main-window | same-window |
> new-window) as property of the anchor.

I'd like "other-window" - a user-selected alternative window (I've
been using that in commercial hypertext systems since the '80s. It's a
great feature).

It's not clear how much sense the "main-window" concept makes in a
modern GUI-based browser with the ability to have multiple async
windows open already.

Is there going to be a default for this? Possibly leaving the default
up to the UA to allow things like a popup-menu listing the possible

The problem with all this is that it's moving rapidly from the realm
of document markup and presentation style to UI design.

> ---
> | This causes minimal disruption to the user interface and assures that
> | at all times there is at most one pop-up and that it stays open for a
> | short time only.
> ---
> Both false goals - if the popup is for a sidebar, the whole idea is to
> allow a separate nagivation around the sidebar topic without disrupting
> the "base" browsing that was going on before the sidebar was opened.  I
> see no reason this should be limited to one window (the sidebar could
> have footnotes) or that its duration should not be independent of the
> duration of the page that led to opening it.

In other words, a perfectly reasonable implementation of this is a in
a browser would be to open an independent browser window to display
the text. This make an option to let the user specify an alternative
window even more worthwhile.