Re: A proposal [PopUp Windows for Dictionary purposes]

Charles Peyton Taylor (
Thu, 14 Mar 1996 13:56:33 -0800

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Date: Thu, 14 Mar 1996 13:56:33 -0800
From: Charles Peyton Taylor <>
Subject:  Re: A proposal [PopUp Windows for Dictionary purposes] 

I think it's a good idea, but what about Footnotes (<FN>)?
It would really be nice if browsers supported them.  There 
are quite a few instances where I would have used them in 
past documents.

Footnotes from the (expired) March 95 draft:

>>>> Ed Perrine II <> 03/14/96 12:54pm >>>
>An excellent suggestion! Such a mechanism would have a number of uses.
>* Glossary type entries
>* pseudo-footnotes
>* Link info detail (i.e., a short comment expanding on the nature of
>  a particular link to aid the reader in determining whether it was
>  'worth the trip'.
>   --- Ed Perrine
>>I'm new to this list!
>>I joined in just because I have a HTML proposal that I think is worth
>>telling other people. I have included it here both as plain text and
>as an
>>attachment (see the end of the text, if you have e.g netscape
>>This document can be found at:


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