Re: OpenDoc [was: Plug-In Spec ]

David Berkowitz (
Thu, 14 Mar 1996 07:45:40 -0800

Date: Thu, 14 Mar 1996 07:45:40 -0800
From: (David Berkowitz)
Message-Id: <9603141545.AA06484@CILabs.ORG>
Subject: Re: OpenDoc [was: Plug-In Spec ]

 | "head and shoulders above"? I've heard this claim, but I'm still looking
 | for hard evidence to back it. In fact, I'd like somebody to write a W3C
 | draft on OpenDoc vs. other compound document architectures, kinda like
 | this one on the ILU Requestor:
 | Any takers?

This may be more than you want to bite off, but you should have a look at
the Orfali/Harkey/Edwards book "Essential Guide to Distributed Components"
which does a good job of explaining OpenDoc, OLE, and CORBA.

 | > is already multiplatform, has already been integrated into a browser
 | >(CyberDog) and the source code is available.
 | What are the licensing terms for the code?

The licensing terms are pretty simple: you join CI Labs and you can license
the code. Subscriber membership is $350 per year. To deliver a commercial
product you must pass a validation suite to ensure interoperability.

For more information about membership and licensing send email to

David Berkowitz
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