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Thu, 14 Mar 1996 02:54:27 -0500

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>>The DTD attempts to define,  first of all, HTML that works with
>>Internet Explorer. That is, if your HTML document parses according to
>>this DTD, it should be parsed correctly by Internet Explorer 2.0.
>>Moreover, the DTD describes the "intentions" of Internet Explorer.
>>Although it's possible for a number of reasons to write HTML that will
>>display correctly in Internet Explorer that does not conform to this
>>DTD, we recommend that HTML documents created for use with IE do follow
>>the grammar defined in the DTD in order to allow for more predictable
>results as both HTML and Internet Explorer continue to evolve.  We
>fully intend to continue updating this DTD as this evolution takes


OK: all you folks who told me that H*** would freeze over before vendors
issued SGML DTDs as documentation,


And to all the folks that fought the good fight with me, aren't you glad
you did?