HTML 3 status [was: Forms ]

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Subject: HTML 3 status [was: Forms ]
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In message <>, lilley writes:
>No, because Netscape does not implement HTML 3.0 (which was one large document
>Instead, HTML is being developed in smaller peices and Netscape does 
>currently implement some of these such as tables (which they do very 
>nicely). There is not, currently, a replacement for the forms 
>functionality of HTML 3.0

What he said.

In fact, since this question comes up often in many forums, let
me reiterate for clarity:

	The March 1995 HTML 3.0 draft no longer reflects
	the current views of the W3C nor the IETF. The
	features in that document, however, are being
	implemented, tested, reviewed, refined, and specified
	in a number of other documents.

I just updated the W3C activity statement on HTML at:

to be more clear on this issue, and more clear on our
statement of direction.

I updated the HTML overview as well:

Thomas: would you please update the "What is HTML 3.0" FAQ entry: