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Subject: Re: Forms
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Colin P. A. Kennedy  writes:

> Acoording to W3 you can hav the folloeing types of input:

I presume you have been reading the (expired) HTML 3.0 draft specification.
> scribble
> password
> range
> text
> submit reset

> But netscape dont support scribble

No, because Netscape does not implement HTML 3.0 (which was one large document). 

Instead, HTML is being developed in smaller peices and Netscape does 
currently implement some of these such as tables (which they do very 
nicely). There is not, currently, a replacement for the forms 
functionality of HTML 3.0

NCSA Mosaic for X supported a form of scribble input at one time, though 
they called it jot as I recall.

> range 


> and half a dozen others.

which others? Apart from scribble and range, the other input types you 
cite are from the HTML 2.0 specification (and are implemented by Netscape).
Audio input is another one I remember from the 3.0 draft. 

There is also the recently standardised file upload input type, which 
Netscape has implemented.

Do you consider any of the extended input types to be particularly useful? If 
so, which ones - and why? This information would be very useful for people
producing a replacement proposal for the forms functionality of HTMML 3.0

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