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Tue, 12 Mar 1996 14:18:00 -0800

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Subject: RE: justification...
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 1996 14:18:00 -0800

>Casey Reagan <> wrote:
>>I would agree that having a <JUST> tag would be the much preferred=20
>>method. In most case you are going to want to justify large groups of=20
>>objects at a time. Having a tag that works like the <center> tag would =

>>make this much easier.

You don't think it's easier to be able to specify the justification on
any component (element) instead, so you don't need to litter your
documents with <JUSTIFY> tags?  Especially since there are tags which
have no defined content meaning (<SPAN> and <DIV>), so you can insert
tags just for justification if you want, that way seems much more
>>> Why four new tags if one attribute suffices?
>>And I believe that actually default alignment is left. I am not sure =
>>someone would want to align all of their objects to the right. This =
>>effectively push them off the screen. Also, the <center> tag already=20
>>exists. So, this really only a proposal for one tag.

Ah, but the <CENTER> tag has never (to my knowledge) been specified
properly, except for the beta DTD that we (Microsoft) just released.  In
addition, if you don't allow <LEFT>, you'd need to have twice as many
tags if you wanted to have a short section inside a table
left-justified, when the table is centered (etc.).
>>I am just wondering, how much different this would be than the=20
>><Blockquote> tag? Should the <just> put spaces into text in order to=20
>>align text with both the left and right?

In general, it's probably best to leave the justification method to the
user agent (UA).  Since it is dependent on output device limitations,
the UA can usually make the best choices.
>	-Chris
>Chris Wilson