Re: Automatic Entry and Forms

Carl Hage (
Sat, 2 Mar 96 10:30:20 PST

Date: Sat, 2 Mar 96 10:30:20 PST
From: (Carl Hage)
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Re: Automatic Entry and Forms

>From  Sat Mar  2 02:35:01 1996
>Use a hierarchical name space:
>	<LINK NAME="ISO999999" REL="Element Dictionary" 
>           HREF="">
>	<SPAN CLASS="ISO999999.partNo">

But NAME isn't an attribute of LINK. Has it been added somewhere?

I had in mind using a class prefix, as you suggest. If you needed to
add an attribute to LINK, would it make more sense to use CLASS instead,

	<LINK CLASS="ISO999999" REL="Element Dictionary" 
	<LINK CLASS="MicroSquish" REL="stylesheet" 
	<SPAN CLASS="ISO999999.partNo">
	<SPAN CLASS="MicroSquish.header1">

The semantics of CLASS on the link would be to import the class definitions
from the link as subclasses of the named class. This would apply to
style sheets as well as element dictionaries, etc.

>> It would be desirable to be able to distinguish Data Element classes
>> from other classes, e.g. styles, etc. 
>Actually the beauty of the idea is that they aren't separate.

Right. Classes used to define data elements, etc., can also be used
to set styles, etc. The usage of classes is general. What I wanted, was
the ability to associate a particular class with a LINK URL. Adding
NAME, CLASS, or something else to LINK to identify a class prefix meets that
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