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Mon, 10 Jun 1996 17:52:16 -0500

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Date: Mon, 10 Jun 1996 17:52:16 -0500
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From: (Murray Altheim)
Subject: Re: comments again ....

Lee Willis <> writes:
>Thanks a lot for all your replies, and I'll check out the web references
>that you've given tomorrow (No access to a browser at the mo'!). Until
>then a little comment to explain some stuff. I've passed the document in
>question through the weblint validator which comes up with
>HTML embedded in comment can confuse some browsers.
>I was in fact temporarily commenting out a list item, and on so far it
>doesn't appear to have crashed anything, but maybe I should just change
>it ..
>The document in question can be found at ....

Well, your girlfriend might mind being commented out, but no browser that
*properly* handles comments should. It's a valid remark on the part of the
validation service though. Some browsers are easily confused.

>Thanks again for all your help ...

No problem. I've updated my comments doc due to some replies I received today.


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