Re: <A> content model in Cougar

Abigail (
Mon, 29 Jul 1996 11:31:45 +0100

Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 1996 11:31:45 +0100
From: Abigail <>
Subject: Re: <A> content model in Cougar

Arnoud Galactus Engelfriet wrote:
> In article <v03007803ae20821ce07a@[]>,
> Walter Ian Kaye <> wrote:
> > At 9:10p +0200 07/27/96, Arnoud "Galactus" Engelfriet wrote:
> > >I think that since A is regarded as text-level markup, the heading would
> > >terminate the current block element, and the anchor inside it as well.
> > >IOW, A *can't* contain headers.
> >
> > Hmm. I would think that *any* displayed text/heading/image is a
> > candidate for a hyperlink target or anchor. And since <A> is wrapped
> Well, that depends on how you see hyperlinks. In my opinion, an
> anchor links a certain phrase of text to a new document. This phrase
> can contain an inline image, of course. This explains why A is defined
> with a content of %text.
> How exactly would you link a header? If <A HREF="foo"><H1>Hello</H1></A>
> would be identical to <H1><A HREF="foo">Hello</A></H1>, then why allow
> the first construct at all?

But is <a name = 'foo'><h1>Bla bla</h1></a> the same as <h1><a name = 'foo'>
Bla bla</a></h1>? The first (if legal) is an anchor to a header, the second
is an anchor to a piece of text, which just happens to be content of a header.
I doubt any browser makes a difference, certainly the tag soup browsers won't.
What would happen if the header is extended to 'Bla bla, womble'? In the first
case, it's clear it will become
<a name = 'foo'><h1>Bla bla, womble</h1></a>, but in the second? Will it be
<h1><a name = 'foo'>Bla bla</a>, womble</h1>, or
<h1><a name = 'foo'>Bla bla, womble</a></h1> ?

Of course, with the use of id, there's no need for <a name>. Does Cougar have id?

> > around non-containers, it should be wrappable around containers (such
> > as headings) as well. Is there some reason someone decided it shouldn't
> > be? I'd like to know the reason...

I don't understand the remark about containers. As far as I know,
<a href = 'foo'><strong>Blah</strong></a> is legal, and <strong> is a container.