Re: Cougar and HalSoft HTML Toolkit

Murray Altheim (
Thu, 25 Jul 1996 17:57:18 -0500

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Date: Thu, 25 Jul 1996 17:57:18 -0500
To: Chris Lilley <>
From: (Murray Altheim)
Subject: Re: Cougar and HalSoft HTML Toolkit
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Chris Lilley <> writes:
>It's not so much a case of editing something, more a case of replacing
>sgmls with
>something that doesn't assume a character is 8 bits wide. I use nsgmls
>and it works
>fine with the Cougar and the i18N DTDs.

You might note that nsgmls must be compiled with an SGML declaration
allowing for i18n, which I don't believe is its default. You can pull the
i18n-ized declaration off of the i18n draft and recompile nsgmls.

I had the same problem when I first ran nsgmls -- the version I had
couldn't handle character references in the 8000 range until
internationalization. As you mentioned, now it works fine.


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