ISO 8879 diacritical marks as HTML character entities

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Thu, 25 Jul 1996 01:04:54 -0700

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Subject: ISO 8879 diacritical marks as HTML character entities
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 1996 01:04:54 -0700


This is my first post on this list, so please excuse me if it is in any
way inappropriate.

I am interested in the list of character entities that are/will be
included in HTML 3.2.  In particular, I am working on computerization of
several Taiwanese languages, the romanization of which requires
diacritics to be placed over letters such as "m" and "n".  Since there
are already entities like &acute; and &grave; defined in, I suppose the only
question is whether these entities will be included in HTML 3.2 (I'm
actually not absolutely sure that they haven't been included in previous
versions; I'd be very happy if they have), and -- if they will --
whether any specific rendering behavior is to be specified by HTML.  If
it is HTML's responsibility to specify rendering behavior for these
entities, I think the logical way to proceed is to follow Unicode's
placement of non-spacing marks, i.e., use m&acute; (rather than
&acute;m) for m with acute above, and so on.

If the inclusion of these character entities have not been proposed for
HTML 3.2, I would also appreciate advice on how I can make such a

Thanks in advance.

-- Ken

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