ISO standards

David Perrell (
Tue, 23 Jul 1996 16:17:08 -0700

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Subject: ISO standards
Date: Tue, 23 Jul 1996 16:17:08 -0700

I've been presented with the following logic:

    PostScript is a publishing standard.
    SGML is a document markup standard.
    HTML is a document markup language.
    Therefore, PostScript is out of the picture.

This leaves me wondering: (1) For what purpose are documents being
marked up if not for some form of publishing? (2) Is there no
relationship between existing publishing standards and the markup of
documents for publishing?


I've now stuck my foot in my mouth (finger of speech) twice regarding
what is and isn't a "standard" SGML character entity. I just noticed
one reason why I was confused...

Would someone please explain why English quotation marks qualify as
"numeric and special graphic" and German quotation marks qualify as
"publishing" entities?

I've been told that those who worked on SGML may have "considered
ramifications that you and I are completely unaware of." No doubt. And
vice versa, apparently. 

David Perrell