Re: ReComments on Cougar DTD:

Paul Prescod (
Mon, 22 Jul 1996 10:31:09 -0400

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Date: Mon, 22 Jul 1996 10:31:09 -0400
To: (Arnoud "Galactus" Engelfriet),
From: Paul Prescod <>
Subject: Re: ReComments on Cougar DTD:

At 07:35 PM 7/21/96 +0200, Arnoud "Galactus" Engelfriet wrote:
>This would then mean that I end up with, say, ten classes which all
>indicate a red ball as bullet for the list. Hm.

If you have ten different _kinds_ of lists, then you end up with ten
different classes. If not, you only have 1 class.

>But again, if inline style markup is going to be in Cougar (the STYLE
>attribute), why not allow 'shortcuts' for certain often-used constructs?
>It would be similar to having <CENTER> next to <DIV ALIGN=CENTER>, or
><FONT FACE=times> next to <SPAN STYLE="font: times">.

Because it confuses the architecture of the standard (just as those Wilbur
shortcuts do).

Microsoft describes it thus:

"Previous proprietary HTML extensions from Microsoft and other vendors have
confused the market, hampered interoperability and been ill-conceived with
respect to the design principles underlying HTML (and its SGML parent)."

Hopefully now that Microsoft has admitted the error of their ways, W3C will
have the courage to deprecate the formatting nasties in Cougar.

 Paul Prescod