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Wed, 17 Jul 1996 21:18:23 -0700

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From: David Perrell <>
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Subject: RE: Pages in sequence
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 1996 21:18:23 -0700

Isamar Maia wrote:

> How do I do 3 pages in sequence?.. one appear, then clear the screen, =
> other appear, then clear again.. and it goes.

(1) Use a client-pull META tag in the HEAD element:


The number at the start of CONTENT is the number of seconds the current =
page remains before requesting the URL.

This works with NS Navigator 1.1+, MSIE 2.0+, probably others.

(2) JavaScript equivalent (the number is in milliseconds):

setTimeout('window.location=3D""', =

This should be the last item in the BODY element.

In either case, you should put a link on the first page if you don't =
want users of unsupporting browsers thinking that's all there is. If you =
wanted to get tricky you could do a loop with JavaScript so's only those =
browsers that didn't support it would display the link, but that's =
beyond the scope of this message.

David Perrell