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Date: Tue, 16 Jul 1996 22:52:08 -0400

>From: 	MegaZone
>Sent: 	Tuesday, July 16, 1996 11:33PM
>Once upon a time Solko, Dave shaped the electrons to say...
>>I have a lot of Profs and some departments who whould kill to even have
>>a display option. IMHO, math display should be added to Cougar, and
>>leave the rest to be added in some other rev. Math is long overdue to
>>HTML. It seems rediculous play "all or nothing" with this.
>Picking tags just to display is BAD, then you end up with tags that
>work for other features later, or two tags for the same thing, etc.  Or
>you get people who use them in pages only to find all the browsers
>to drop them in favor of the new tags - or never support them like 3.0.

That's exactly my point, math has been around since 3.0 and, like most
of it, not implimented. I'm not looking for some sort of a hack, but
thinking of something along the lines of tables that *may* be ammended
with RFC 1942. It functions now, but we can make it better. There's no
reason to break or depreciate the initial elements. I doubt the display
cannot come before complete functionality.
>Personally I would have been upset to see Math before, say, OBJECT or
>CSS -
>but that is because I have little to no use for MATH and a lot of
>desire for
>the others.  I'm just lucky in that my desires coincide with the
>majority of
>the market currently.  You win some and lose some.

As would I, but since AFAIK I'm the only person at UC that even knows
about the W3, and web is my job, I have to voice the concerns of the
various departments (physics, engineering, etc) that are dying for this.
Profitable, maybe not, but needed none the less.
>I hope the people who want math so badly have contacted the WG and
>their help, and have written *polite* letters to the browser makers to
>nudge them along.  

I've done the latter, and will the former as soon as my calender clears
a little.
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