Re: Cougar DTD extra character entities

Aymeric Poulain Maubant (
Thu, 11 Jul 1996 18:07:26 +0200

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Subject: Re: Cougar DTD extra character entities 
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Date: Thu, 11 Jul 1996 18:07:26 +0200
From: Aymeric Poulain Maubant <>

One upon a time wrote :
> There's been some discussion of additions to the entities table in the Cougar
> draft <>.
> As the maintainer of the terminfo databases, and co-maintainer of ncurses, 
> I'd like to urge that the special characters of the curses ACS series also be
> included in the standard entities.  This would have major functional and
> portability benefits, enabling one of the most widely used extension-glyph
> aets to be mapped directly to HTML.
> These characters are:
> upper left corner	ACS_ULCORNER
[...] and especially :
> lantern symbol  	ACS_LANTERN

Seems to me that some of this ACS stuff, and similar considerations,
should be addressed in a more general study like ["HTML predefined icon-like 
symbols", (W3C Working Draft 15 Feb 1996)], before being included in any HTML


	Aymeric [who was a lurker on this list for months, and will
		try to say valuable things from now..]