Cougar DTD extra character entities

Ian Young (
Thu, 11 Jul 1996 12:05:15 +0100

Date: Thu, 11 Jul 1996 12:05:15 +0100
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From: Ian Young <>
Subject: Cougar DTD extra character entities
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Cougar Draft (10 Jul 1996) <>:
|        "ISO 8879-1986//ENTITIES Added Latin 1//EN//HTML">
| %ISOlat1;
| <!--================ Entities for special symbols ======================-->
| <!ENTITY trade  CDATA "&#8482;" -- trade mark symbol     -->
| <!ENTITY shy    CDATA "&#173;"  -- soft hyphen           -->
| <!ENTITY thinsp CDATA "&#8201;" -- thin space            -->
| <!ENTITY emsp   CDATA "&#8195;" -- em space              -->
| <!ENTITY ensp   CDATA "&#8194;" -- en space              -->
| <!ENTITY emdash CDATA "&#8212;" -- em dash               -->
| <!ENTITY endash CDATA "&#8211;" -- en dash               -->

Hallelujah! At last a possible end to those tedious "How do I do a
trademark?" flamethreads in the HTML newsgroup!

Those last two bother me though: I thought the ISO 8879 names were
mdash and ndash. Or is there no plan as such to keep rigidly to the
8879 names throughout?

On 10 Jul 1996, Lee Daniel Crocker <> wrote:
> Great, but you're still missing the quotation marks. I suggest:
> <!ENTITY lsquot CDATA "&#8216;" -- left single quote -->
> <!ENTITY rsquot CDATA "&#8217;" -- right single quote -->
> <!ENTITY ldquot CDATA "&#8220;" -- left double quote -->
> <!ENTITY rdquot CDATA "&#8221;" -- right double quote -->

Please can we use the 8879 names for these too? Does leaving off the
"t" really makes them much less obvious?

> Boy, I'll be able to write an English sentence any month now :)

Ah, but not German? :-)
I may as well be the first to suggest adding to these:

<!ENTITY ldquor CDATA "&#8222;" -- rising dbl quote, left (low) -->
<!ENTITY lsquor CDATA "&#8218;" -- rising single quote, left (low) -->

Do we then need these, or do they necessarily map to the same
character as rdquo and rsquo? (Perhaps I should have left such
avocation to somone who writes the language.)

  <!ENTITY rdquor CDATA "[rdquor]"--=rising dbl quote, right (high)-->
  <!ENTITY rsquor CDATA "[rdquor]"--=rising single quote, right (high)-->

And out of interest, are there names for single angle quotes? Do
lsaquo and rsaquo officially exist? If so:

<!ENTITY lsaquo CDATA "&#8249;" -- single angle quotation mark, left -->
<!ENTITY rsaquo CDATA "&#8250;" -- single angle quotation mark, right -->

Less contentiously, can I vote for a horizontal ellipsis too?

<!ENTITY hellip CDATA "&#8230;" -- ellipsis (horizontal) -->

No doubt the quotes-as-entities versus quotes-as-markup discussion
from last December will now get re-aired. I think it had got up to
<q> with (stylesheet) attributes for language (or was it country, or
region, or intention?) before Abigail mentioned that <q> is text-level
markup and therefore enclosing a multiparagraph speech in <q> isn't