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Fri, 5 Jul 1996 17:16:33 (-0600)

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Subject: Re: Resizing images relative to window size
Date: Fri, 5 Jul 1996 17:16:33 (-0600)
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In "Re: Resizing images relative to window size", Melt van Schoor
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> At 05:38 PM 96/07/04 +0100, James Aylett wrote:
> >
> >No, I meant that you'd have an external application work on it to a
> >temporary file or area of memory, and then the browser would pick the=

> >result up and display it in its own window.
> >
> >James
> >
> Sorry for me-tooing, but this is a great idea. I can imagine that diff=
> people would attempt to create graphics utilities especially for this
> purpose, and in the end, it would lead to a vast improvement in speed =
> quality.
> This approach could also enable the web to contain more than 3 graphic=
> formats for www pages, if the utility would simply convert it to .GIF =
> .PNG) before passing the results to the browser.  Mabey we would even =
> able to use vector-based graphics on www-pages, and there are many
> advantages to this.
> Unfortunately it's a browser issue, and not html. (sincere apologies)

    I know that this is a browser issue, but I just have to reply, becau=
this sort of thing has already been done, and a paper presented on it to=
 a W3C
    The AmigaOS has an object-oriented way of dealing with different dat=
With regards to this application, it has a class for manipulating pictur=
data, and many third-party sub-classes which serve simply as loaders for=

specific formats.  Every graphical WWW browser on the Amiga has relied o=
n the
"DataTypes" system to load graphics, because all they have to do is hand=
 off a
pointer to the graphic, and get back a bitmap.
    I've done a page at
which has a wide variety of image formats, all of which Amiga browsers c=

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