Re: Dump MULTICOLS, enhance DIV

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Wed, 03 Jul 1996 18:32:07 -0700

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Date: Wed, 03 Jul 1996 18:32:07 -0700
From: Alex Edelstein <>
To: David Perrell <>
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Subject: Re: Dump MULTICOLS, enhance DIV

This is good feedback. We'll take it back and mutter over it...

David Perrell wrote:
> Two suggestions for Netscape:
> -1-
> Dump the MULTICOLS tag in favor of enclosing the COLS, GUTTER (COLSPACE), and COLWIDTH elements in the DIV tag.
> I do not understand the need for a new tag. The functionality of MULTICOLS is a logical enhancement to the DIV tag.
> Consider the DIV element a section marker, with a section having one column by default. Multiple columns would be specified with the COLS=n 
attribute, with opt
> I don't see how this would compromise the DIV tag. Non-column-rendering browsers would simply ignore the unknown 
attributes. The HTML markup would be cleaner t
> -2-
> Replace GUTTER with COLSPACE. GUTTER historically refers to the bound white space between pages (there's a logical analogy here), not between 
columns on a page
> Is GUTTER used anywhere else in HTML? Is it commonly understood? Is it used in popular word processors? (The MS Word manual refers to gutter 
space correctly.)
> --
> Hoping these tags were tossed out for feedback,
> David Perrell

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