Re: Proposal: "On Off" switch HTML forms Input Object

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Mon, 1 Jul 1996 18:06:29 -0400

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Subject: RE: Proposal: "On Off" switch HTML forms Input Object
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 1996 18:06:29 -0400

>From: 	Paul Robinson
>Sent: 	Monday, July 1, 1996 2:35PM
>The following is being proposed as an Internet Draft.  Please circulate
>to anyone who might be interested.  Thank you.


>	The advantage to this over using current methods is that the
>    item shown would explicitly be a switch rather than a pair of
>    selectors.  Also, since the switch display is done locally, a
>    graphical image of a switch can be done faster via the local
>    user's computer than by downloading an icon of a switch for each
>    setting, or, in the case of a text-based interface, the text
>    browser can show the words ON OFF (or the local equivalent)
>    instead.

One possible bit of confusion with a switch icon is that in the US,  a
switch is "on" when in the up position, whereas in many other countries,
the opposite is true. I think something more like a pressed-in button
may be better, but that of course is up to the whims of the browser.

>	The following example HTML fragment should make this clear:
>	    <FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="/cgi/house">
>            Here is the state of your house:
>            <BR>
>            <INPUT NAME="Air" TYPE="ONOFF" VALUE="0"> Conditioner
>            &NBSP;&NBSP;

>        Here is the state of your house:
>        V Air Conditioner   V Living Room Lights  ^ Bedroom Lights
>        V Hall Lights       ^ Front Porch Lights  ^ Back Yard Lights

Are you intending the NAME to appear visibly in the document as part of
the text, or did you intend:
>            <INPUT NAME="Air" TYPE="ONOFF" VALUE="0"> Air Conditioner
I feel this would be a better way to render the information and more in
line with current implimentation of other NAME attributes.

I think this is a great idea. I can see a lot of uses for a boolean
input. Sort of falls under the "duh, why didn't I think of that"

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