$21.5 Million in Telecommunications Grants Available

Thu, 29 Feb 96 18:39:08 CST

From: Minchew@act.org
Date: Thu, 29 Feb 96 18:39:08 CST
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Subject: $21.5 Million in Telecommunications Grants Available

    The ACT Washington Office would like to call your attention to a 
    new grant opportunity help advance the information superhighway.
    The U. S. Department of Commerce has opened the next round of 
    competition for grants for extending benefits of advanced 
    telecommunications and information technology to rural and 
    urban underserved Americans. Since its inception in 1994, the 
    information infrastructure grant program has awarded more than $60 
    million in matching grant funds to nonprofit organizations, such 
    as schools, libraries, hospitals public safety entities, and state 
    and local governments.
    FOR MORE INFORMATION: Electronically by sending an e-mail to 
    or by pointing your browser at
    or by an automated fax-back system by dialing 202 501-2303. The 
    same information can be found in the Federal Register on February 
    29, 1996.
    A briefing on the 1996 TIIAP grant round will be held on 
    Wednesday, March 6, at 4:00 pm. in Room 4830 of the Department of 
    Commerce, 14th and Constitution, NW, Washington, DC.  RSVP to Judy 
    Sparrow at 202 482-5557. PRIORITIES in the 1996 round include 
    funding demonstration projects that can be replicated in other 
    communities, improving access to information and communication 
    technologies for  disadvantaged communities, and supporting 
    innovative planning efforts.  Nonprofit organizations, colleges 
    and universities, and all non-federal governmental entities are 
    eligible to apply.
    DEADLINE for returning completed applications is Thursday, April 
    4, 1996. 
    TIIAP is currently funded under a Continuing Resolution, and NTIA 
    will notify the public through the Federal Register about the 
    actual funding level that will be available for the 1996 grant 
    round pursuant to further Congressional appropriations action.
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