help with frames

Shan (
Wed, 21 Feb 96 22:46:09 EST

Date: Wed, 21 Feb 96 22:46:09 EST
From: (Shan (admin))
Message-Id: <>
Subject: help with frames

Using Href's i can display HTML onto a targetted frame, for example:

<A HREF= target=main> Click here</A>

However, when i try to use the "Location" header, this doesn't work.

For example, i have a CGI script which after doing all the 
necessary processing does something like::

printf("Location: target=main\n\n");

The index.html gets displayed in the calling frame itself,
it never gets to the target window. It kind of ignores
the target directive. I have even tried using the reserved
words for the frames, like "_parent"; but of no avail.

What am i doing wrong ? How can i achieve the desired effect ?

Please reply directly to:
as i am not on the mailing list.