Re: Anchor dilemma

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Mon, 19 Feb 1996 10:28:09 -0500

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Subject: Re: Anchor dilemma 
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Date: Mon, 19 Feb 1996 10:28:09 -0500
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In message <01I1E1S7LDBM000V2A@SCI.WFBR.EDU>, Foteos Macrides writes:
>"Daniel W. Connolly" <> wrote:
>>This "empty anchors" but is annoying, as it causes lots of folks
>>to write:
>>	<h1><a name="target"> blah blah </h1>
>>without closing the <a>, because their generator software doesn't know
>>where the end of the target is.
>	Has <SPOT ID="target">, which solved the empty anchor problem,
>been abandoned?

Putting <spot> in a spec won't fix the empty anchor problem: the
implementations have to be revised. I'm not interested in using <spot>
to band-aid the problems with <A>. I want the bugs fixed.

I _am_ interested in using <spot> for other things (like change bars,
and other non-hierarchical structures). So in my mind, it hasn't been
abandoned. I can't say it's high on the agenda right now, though.