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David Perrell (
Sat, 10 Feb 1996 17:15:52 -0800

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Date: Sat, 10 Feb 1996 17:15:52 -0800
From: David Perrell <>
Subject: Re:  help with frames

At 01:59 PM 2/10/96 -0800, Mark Owen wrote:
>>Mark Stettler wrote:
>>>Lets say that I have two frames (we'll call them A and B) that are 
>>>oriented side by side. Frame A is the menu frame and the TARGET output 
>>>is Frame B. The HTML Pages that are called up into Frame B (from my 
>>>directory) have links to other sites. When I click on one of those 
>>>links, it puts the site Home Page into Frame B. What I want to know is:
>>>How would I set up a "back" pointer so that it goes back to my last HTML 
>>>page that was in frame B? By the way, frame B could have any one of a 
>>>number of my HTML pages in it that called up the remote HTML page!
>>David Perrell wrote:
>>Do you really need to put the link into a frame? If you use TARGET="_top" 
>>for your HREFs, the link fills the window and the browser's Back button gets 
>>you back to where you were.
>>You could create a separate framesetting document for each link, so that 
>>instead of HREFing the remote document directly, you'd call the framesetting 
>>document with TARGET="_top". Each of these intermediate framesetting 
>>documents would recreate the menu as frame A and put the appropriate link 
>>into frame B. There would be no need for a NOFRAMES section so the files 
>>would be small. Again, the browser's back button would work as expected.
>The only problem with this approach is that your entire page would reload
>which would not be the best looking option, it could also be overly
>complicated depending on how many pages you want to implement this on and
>the nested level of frames you have.

In my own experiment using a four-frame window, frame contents were cached and the redraw was rapid. Setting the target to "_top" undoes all nesting, so of course you can't use the right mouse button to go back in the frame when you've come back. But frame A is the menu and I thought the point was to avoid the stupid right mouse button trick.

>We have succesfully implemented Java to do this and multiple frame loads.

What happens when Java-less Mac and Win31 users come calling?

IMHO, Netscape's Back button should take you back in a traversed frame sequence before going back to the previous URL.

And BTW, I am in no way a markup diety.

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