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On Feb 8,  5:48pm, Peter Edwards wrote:

> Is there a way to ensure that interlaced transparent gifs
> print out properly on the first load?
>       -- sometimes a gray background appears
>       -- sometimes the interlacing seems to distort, yet it prints out =
>          after scrolling off the screen, then back on.

These are supposedly a Netscape client "feature".  When Netscape is runni=
ng low
on memory, it decides not to make the transparent colors transparent to s=
memory.  See for more info.=

BTW, has lots of neat, if blasphemous, tips and t=
about Web design.  Check out "Web Wonk".

>       -- what about the </IMG> tag? Must one close an image tag?

Dunno on this one.  Probably good form to do so.


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