Re: lynx and image maps

Carl Hage (
Thu, 01 Feb 96 19:08:46 GMT

From: (Carl Hage)
Subject: Re: lynx and image maps
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Date: Thu, 01 Feb 96 19:08:46 GMT (Foteos Macrides) writes:
:  Instead of a rich, alernative
: presentation based on real markup, Lynx users should brace themselves
: for seeing:

Which brings to mind a few possible enhancements. One would be
auto-complain, e.g. write a comment message to the webmaster or
other address indicating the lack of alt with a nice explanatory

Rather than displaying [LINK], a file name or path derived from the
URL would be more meaningful. I often use '=' on all icons in these
cases and can usually figure out what they are from the names.