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Thu, 19 Dec 1996 10:36:02 -0700

Date: Thu, 19 Dec 1996 10:36:02 -0700
From: (F. E. Potts)
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Subject: Re: logo for html

Why not just validate, then use one of the 3.2 validation logos?  That
should indicate what DTD you wrote your page to (and that you did, in
fact, write to one of the PUBLIC HTML DTDs).


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Subject: Re: logo for html
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>something like this: ?

Something like that.  Though, I feel that a fair number of design
concious web page designers would feel that it does not have the
same impact as the Navigator and Explorer aware logos.  I was
thinking something along the lines of having a circle with the
text 'This Page use HTML 3.2' flowing around the outside with 3.2
in the middle. Or simply a small rectangle in the same style of
the Navigator and Explorer 'buttons' that say 'This Pages Uses
HTML 3.2'.  Both solutions would also be an idea since you could
have one that the programmer sticks onto the splash screen of his
Browser to indicate that it supports HTML 3.2 and another for the
web pages.

If anyone says no, well I will just have to take it.


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