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Fri, 23 Aug 96 09:40:00 CDT

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Subject: RE: Background Soundtracks
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 96 09:40:00 CDT
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Autostarting is fine -- that is not the issue -- and neither is having a   
sound that people can't turn off, which some of the people have been   
discussing -- the issue is embedding a sound to start when the page opens   
which needs to run seamlessly in the background without any kind of   
obstrusive control bar -- for example, one of the corporate web sites   
I've designed wants the sound of a phone ringing when the page is brought   
up -- the ring only occurs twice and nothing more plays, so there is no   
annoying soundtrack to turn off.   BGSOUND in MSIE handles this job   
perfectly -- however, Netscape places an annoying start bar, and for a   
larger music file this might be fine, but for two small rings of the   
telephone, this is unnecessary.   For most of my development, these   
background sounds are short that need to be played as soon as a page is   
opened -- so this is the issue with adopting a standard for a seamless   
background sound without obtrusive control panels to incorporate into   
part of the design of the page.

Jason O'Brien

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From:          "Jason O'Brien" <>
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Subject:       RE: Background Soundtracks
Date:          Thu, 22 Aug 96 10:14:00 CDT

I checked your web site -- the problem I'm bringing up is the fact that   

the Netscape EMBED command places that annoying start bar and the user
has to start the music or sound -- this is good if that is what you want   

to design, but for my purposes, I want a sound to begin automatically
seamlessly in the background as soon as a user brings up the page, which   

Microsoft supports brilliantly with the BGSOUND tag -- the EMBED tag is   

only useful when you want to place an interactive box, or bar, for the
user to press to start the music -- and this is why I am baffled why
Netscape or the HTML standard ignores BGSOUND or an appropriate tag.

You are totally wrong you can place a thing in the tag that
autostarts the midi sound see attached file!!
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