Problems/Question with Cougar

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Wed, 21 Aug 1996 19:56:32 -0600

From: "Imagination's End" <>
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 1996 19:56:32 -0600
Subject: Problems/Question with Cougar
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These questions are based on the Cougar draft as of Wed 12, July 1996

HTML3.2 had a font tag of "strike"
Cougar has "s", but no mention of "strike"

Cougar has a phrase tag of "Q"
What is Q supposed to be rendered as?

<TD> is allowed both "BGCOLOR" and "STYLE".  If style has a 
specification for a background color/image, which takes precedence.  
Why the choice to add BGCOLOR?

Also for a <TD>, where are the references as to what "AXIS" and 
"AXES" area?

The lonely tag <ADDRESS> has no ATTLIST, I would assume that like 
closely related elements it would include %attrs.  Just an 
observation.  Also, what is the correct use of address, considering 
that any number of them are allowed inside the body of a document.

One suggestion.  Can the DTD be set so that is any of (BGCOLOR, 
BACKGROUND, TEXT, LINK, VLINK) are set, that they ALL must be set 
(with the exception of BACKGROUND).  By not setting the others the 
document is left unreadable on many displays. Would this not be an 
argument similar to the required "ALT" in <IMG> tags?

<APPLET> requires CODE
<IMG> requires SRC
Why doesn't <OBJECT> require DATA?

<STYLE> requires a TYPE parameter.  Where are the valid media types 
for this defined?  What is the correct media type for CSS?

What is the justification for having TYPE required in <STYLE>, but not 
having LANGUAGE required in <SCRIPT> ?

What is the TYPE parameter in <SCRIPT> for?  The comment states -- 
Internet media type for style notation -- I'm assuming that something 
is incorrect here.
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