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Thu, 15 Aug 96 12:35:00 PDT

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Subject: Re: Generic Markup
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 96 12:35:00 PDT
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Marc Salomon writes in <>:
>Wait a sec.  You said earlier that there was, for all intents and purposes,
>slim difference in the task of processing structure expressed through GI's 
>through attributes.  If its the same difference in processing, then how can 
>adversely affect the deployment of sounder solutions?  I could see how it
>be problematic if content models (that get lost in CLASS) are important, 
>retaining and enforcing content models with arbitrary GI's seems even a
>nut to crack than implementing CLASS.

The problem arises from having to create _another_ structure-handling layer 
(a layer to handle CLASS) over SGML's structure-handling layer.  Whereas if 
SGML handles the structure directly, we can make use of the experience and 
tools derived from SGML usage.

The problem of arbitrary content models should be easier with arbitrary 
GI's, as at least we have SGML for that -- implementing CLASS as the main 
structure expression avenue would require creating yet another structure 
handler for an as-yet undefined language.
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