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Mike Meyer (
Sun, 21 Apr 1996 22:47:41 PST

Subject:  Re: unknown tag
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From: (Mike Meyer)
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 1996 22:47:41 PST
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> <!-- // --> <h1>Your browser does not support <a
> href="
> /script_info/">JavaScript</a>, sorry</h1>.
> <!-- // -->The conversion table below will not work with your browser<p><hr>
> [...]
> in the <head> tag. it seems that this tag can contain text which is
> displayed only if the client's browser is anything else than >=netscape
> 2.0...

That's one of the false assumptions the author of the code made.

SCRIPT is a container for JavaScript code. JavaScript is a NetScape
2.0 feature; the link provided by the author above should provide more
information (I haven't checked that they got that right).

The contents of SCRIPT are JavaScript, and the above is structed so
that browsers that don't recognize SCRIPT will display the code in
question, but browsers that parse JavaScript will ignore it. This
doesn't work, as there is at least one browser that doesn't support
JavaScript that just consumes the contents of a SCRIPT element.

The reason the browser author decided to do that is that the method
that NetScape recommended for "hiding" JavaScript code from browsers
that don't support SCRIPT doesn't work properly - there are legal Java
constructs that cause parts of the JavaScript code to show up in the
text of the browsers.

Of course, if I had written a browser that cause the contents of
SCRIPT to be sent to a different language interpreter for processing
(could have happened; it would have solved the design flaws with the
SCRIPT: URL type I toyed with; of course that URL type has design
flaws that THIS solves, so...) then you'd get really surprising
results on some browsers.