Re: (D'U!!:t8t0](w--&(&g)1<s'i.D*G, ABAB

Paul Derbyshire (ao950@FreeNet.Carleton.CA)
9 Apr 1996 02:05:03 GMT

From: ao950@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Paul Derbyshire)
Subject: Re: (D'U!!:t8t0](w--&(&g)1<s'i.D*G, ABAB
Date: 9 Apr 1996 02:05:03 GMT
Message-Id: <4kcgkf$>

 ( writes:
> 1z&n, 'Z,O%f3q$j>G:^2z,l>G,c(s)R*:,c(s%M, %H$U*:0](w,O0w9o%X+e
> $i/q,y&f*::t8t<s'i)R05*:,c(s, ,0$F%<(S*:(O%N*L$N<t0S/`8`,Y$#%2
> -n*:6O%N$N.I6!, 7P=P1z&^5*%H$U*:0]CD:
>     023]&3$@.a&(&g)1&b:t8t$W'@<s'i, &S'A-h&n7Q(l3o)1.x6O,

etc. etc.

What is this, a some kind of a joke? 
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